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Don’t spend this winter shivering under blankets in your Rogers, AR house. Absolute Climate Control, LLC will get your heaters up and running like new again. Our expert HVAC contractors can repair, replace and install any brand of heater for you. Call 479-789-5813 to schedule a time for our experts to check out the heating system at your home.

3 signs your furnace needs repair

3 signs your furnace needs repair

Do you think your furnace might give out soon? Here are three common signs that indicate you should call an HVAC contractor to come check it out:

  1. It’s making strange noises. If you start hearing squeaks, pops and groans coming from your furnace, there’s probably something loose in your unit.
  2. Your heating bills have gone up for no reason. If you’ve been using your furnace normally, but your heating bills have skyrocketed, you might have a leak.
  3. Your pilot light is yellow. This usually means that you have a carbon monoxide leak. You’ll need to call an HVAC technician ASAP.
Stay nice and cozy this winter with a functioning, efficient furnace. Reach out to the pros at Absolute Climate Control, LLC to schedule furnace repairs or a unit replacement.